Playful Fiona

I’m Playful Fiona, 44yrs old and a board member of Telamork (Telamark and Vestfold BDSM). After many years in my professional life as a social worker and as a fellow human being, I have been interested in the exciting things that can happen when people meet. When I started training in tantric massage at the Innerlife Center in autumn 2021, I wanted to combine this with sensory play, which I already had experiences with in kink. I live in Grenland and offer individual massage and guidance, training of couples / play partners and hold workshops for groups in and outside the BDSM environment.

At this workshop you will get a brief insight into tantric philosophy and energy work, which is a slightly different way of communicating than purely physical meetings. You will then receive an introduction to concrete techniques within sensual massage, as well as inspiration for how you can include elements of sensory play in the touch. It is possible to get a booklet for later use.

I look forward to meeting you at the kink conference!