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11th Annual Kinkferanse

It's that time of the year to hold the annual Kinkferansen!

Kinkferansen is an annual BDSM and fetish conference in Norway. SMil Norge, the national organisation for BDSM and fetish, has arranged this conference 10 times and through this past decade it has been arranged in different cities across the country. In collaboration with the BDSM/fetish clubs in the city which the conference takes place, we are excited to announce this is the 11th conference, we find ourselves in the lovely Sørlandet with the cooperation of Sørlandet BDSM.

Join us for 3 full days consisting of lectures, presentations, workshops, debates and so much more!

The aim of the Kinkferansen is to share knowledge about safer practices with the intention that it results to safer and more competent BDSM and Kink communities in Norway. Some of the participants are professionals with relevant academic education, and some are experienced BDSM practicioners who have interesting insights/skills that are worth listening to.

We have speakers and visitors from both Norway and abroad. Expect there may be parallels where three different topics are taken up at the same time so that we can cover as many interests as possible. We aim for as many people as possible to find something interesting and educational in our programme.

The possibilities are endless. From participating in workshops or listening to exciting lectures, get involved in debates, or socialize with people from the entire Norwegian kink community, this is the place to go.

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Kongensgate 2,
Kristiansand 4610, NO

Guest Speakers

To be announced


To be announced


October 6 - 8, 2023
Start: Friday - 10:00
Finish: Sunday - 16:30


This year Kinkferansen is held in the south of Norway at Teateret in Kristiansand.

Teateret is a cultural establishment usually filled with music, theatre, literature, art and debates. They have lots of shows and events all throughout the year. Feel free to check out their website for more information.

The location also includes a café, restaurant and bar.

The restaurant at Teateret is focused on providing good, high quality ingredients from the sea and land, all paired with spices and herbs from all around the world to produce delicious meals for you to enjoy. They also have a wide selection of dishes catered towards vegans and vegetarians.

About Teateret

Gamle Kristiansand Teater (Old Kristiansand Theatre) is the prior building for Agder Teater (now Kilden Teater), and was in 2018 reopened as a cultural establishment.

The building standing here today is the third building on this plot of land. The two previous theatres were owned and operated by Det Dramatiske Selskab i Christiansand. The first building was lost in the fire in 1892, the second one got condemned and had to be demolished in 1966. The building currently standing there now was opened in September of 1976.

The building as it stands was drawn up by the architect Hans Paasche Thorne of the architectural firm Ugland & Thorne and the facade is covered in a mosaic art piece by Hanrik Finne. In January 2012 Agder Teater moved their business to Kilden teater og konserthus, thus leaving the building empty. After moving to Kilden teater og konserthus, Kristiansand municipality wanted to sell the old theatre building and was open for the building to be demolished for a potential buyer to use the land, but Vest-Agder county believed the building should be preserved since it represented the architectural direction of brutalism that was typical for the 1970s.

In April of 2016 the old theatre was sold from Kristiansand municipality to KNAS (Kristiansand Næringsselskap), and soon after Glastad Farsund bought up ⅓ of the stocks. The ambition behind this was to make a cultural event centre in the old venue. In August of 2016 Kjetil Nordhus was hired to give the old theatre building some temporary content as well as plan and execute a major refurbishing process up to the reopening in 2017. Nordhus got the position as CEO and project leader in the music organisation, Søft, after the reopening.

After the renovations of the old theatre building, the new owners renamed it to Teateret.

Find the venue here

Event Plan

The schedule will be posted here as soon as possible.

This year, the program at Kinkferansen will be slightly different than in the past. We start with Kinkferansen already on Friday at 10:00, where a professional day is planned. The academic day will be like a series of small seminars with different lectures from people in and outside the BDSM environment.

The academic day aims to put focus on several subjects and challenges that people with different sexual preferences, orientations, and identities than the norm in today’s society might encounter both in regards to public services and in daily life.

We will provide further information about the academic day, as the various speakers and the schedules are confirmed.

Academic day is free for all who wish to attend. Please sign up on the link below.

Academic Day sign up.

Earlybird tickets will be specially priced for the first 40 sold. Earlybird tickets have now been officially sold out!.

Kinkferansen is run by SMil-Norge, which is an independent, party-politically independent and nationwide association for BDSMers and fetishists in Norway. The Kinkferance is part of the work programme which is part of the organizational work that SMil must carry out. It is a selection of people from the SMil board who are responsible for organizing the kink conference.

Kinkferansen is an annual conference that focuses on bringing together BDSMers and fetishists from all over Norway, where we conduct lectures, panel debates and workshops related to various aspects within BDSM and fetishism. This year's edition is the eleventh in a row!

Jarl Ivar Brynhildsvoll
Jarl Ivar BrynhildsvollConference Director
Festivalpass NOK1450
  • Access Friday to Sunday
  • Academic Day
  • Meet’n greet with SMuget
  • Workshops/Presentations
  • Professional guest speakers
  • Coffee & lunch
  • After Party
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Kinkferansen 2023's official photographer

During the start of Saturday evening, it will be possible to have a picture taken of yourself by our official photographer. Anyone who wishes can get 1 free picture each. Apart from that, an agreement must be made with the photographer.

Lita Mulder has over 10 years of experience in the BDSM environment and is one of the local zealots at Sørlandet BDSM. She is passionate about diversity and photography. She has also donated and produced kink pictures for various non-profit purposes such as the SMil brochure as well as holding several photo workshops for local associations.

During Saturday’s party, it will be possible to take photos with Lita/mulderfoto. More information to come.

What time does Kinkferansen start and finish?

We start Friday at kl 10.00 and finish at kl 16.00 on Sunday

When will the conference details be announced?

Workshops and talks will be announced gradually as more details are being confirmed.

Will any of the sessions or lectures be broadcasted digitally?

No, unfortunately not.

Can anyone participate or do you have to be a member?

Kinkferansen is for anyone over 18 with an interest in the field and you do not need to be a member of any association or SMil Norge to participate.

What should I wear at Kinkferansen?

Most people attend in everyday clothes but some workshops may recommend you to wear specific style of clothes. This is voluntary, otherwise. The After-party will have its own dresscode. This will be announced later in our website.

I can't find answers to my questions

If you have any questions you cannot find answers to, send us an email

Can I attend just the After-party?

Yes, of course. There’s a ticket just for that. The price is 555kr and it includes the Meet & Greet at SMuget and the After-party on Saturday.

Can I attend just the workshops and presentations?

Yes you can. The price for the daypass is 685kr per day which includes all the workshops, presentations and lunch for the day.

Kan jeg komme kun på workshops og foredag?

Dersom det er aktuelt med forhåndspåmelding på noen av workshop’ene vil dette komme klart frem. Når døren er lukket ber man om at enn ikke går brasene inn da det kan indikere at det er fullt. Ta da heller kontakt med en frivillige for å høre om mulgiheten til å delta.

Hva dekker registreringsavgiftene og hvordan settes de?

Vi leier HELE Teateret, og det er et ganske stort bygg med mange rom. Avgiftene går derfor til dekke av leie. Det kan være at det også koster å få hentet inn foredrags- og workshopholdere, og da dekker vi selvfølgelig reiseutgiftene for dem. I tillegg er lunsj inkludert for de som har billetter til foredrag/workshops.

Hva er fagdag

Fagdag er en slags liten mini-seminar hvor vi inviterer personell fra forskjellige yrker til å komme og holde foredrag om seg og sitt

Hvor og når avholdes fagdagen

Fagdag avholdes i hovedscenen på Teateret, fra kl. 10:00 til 16:00

Hva koster fagdagen

Fagdag er gratis for alle. Her kan det lønne seg å være tidlig ute, da det er maks 400-450 sitteplasser

Hvordan melder jeg meg på til fagdagen?

Du kan melde deg på fagdagen ved å fylle ut dette skjemaet

Hva med lunsj?

Det blir servert lunsj under fagdagen, til alle som er påmeldt via skjema. I skjemaet kan man man også legge inn dersom man har noen spesielle allergier eller behov til lunsjen (vegetar o.l.)

Hvor avholdes Meet'n greet

Meet’n greet avholdes på SMuget.

Meet'n greet avholdes på SMuget.

SMuget er Sørlandet BDSM sitt lokale i Kristiansand

Hvor ligger SMuget?

SMuget ligger en kort biltur utenfor Kristiansand sentrum. Adresse vil bli annonsert senere

Hvordan kommer man seg til SMuget?

Det går buss til, eller man kan samkjøre. Dersom man har profil på FetLife kan man legge ut en melding i deres kjøretråd der. Det er i tillegg mulig å ta tog. Fra togstasjon er det cirka 10 minutter å gå.

Når starter eventet på SMuget?

Dørene åpner på fredagen kl. 19:00

Hva er kleskoden på Meet'n greet

Kleskoden på SMuget er som regel pent eller kinky, men ettersom dette er en meet’n greet så må man ikke pynte seg så veldig opp. Det er uansett garderobe hvor man kan skifte, på SMuget.

Er det egne regler hos SMuget?

Ja, SMuget har sine egne regler, og som gjester hos dem så følger vi disse.

Reglene finner du her

Hvor foregår After-party?

After-party vil være nede i Biscenen på Teateret

Hva skal jeg ha på meg på festen?

Her kan du ha på deg det meste innen sexy, erotisk og kinky. Klassisk fetish, undertøy og hel sort funker. Dress, kjole og hvitt, smoking er sexy som bare det, gammeldagse kjoler fra barokkens tidepoke er nydelig, sørstats sexy og korsetter eller hva med pinup? Fantasien hjelper deg, kreativitet verdsettes og vi premierer de beste antrekkene.

Er det noe regler på festen?

Ja, disse vil henges opp og være tilgjengelig for alle. Vi publiserer dem også på nettsiden i forkant av Kinkferansen.

Ja, disse vil henges opp og være tilgjengelig for alle. Vi publiserer dem også på nettsiden i forkant av Kinkferansen.

After-party på lørdag starter kl. 20:00 og avsluttes kl. 02:00

Må jeg fremvise billett?

Ja. Vi har ikke muligheten til å føre lister over alle som har betalt, så husk å ha med gyldig bevis på billett. Denne fremvises ved inngang

Er medbrakt alkohol lov?

Nei. Stedet har egen bar og alkoholservering, så medbrakt alkohol er ikke lov. Vi aksepterer heller ikke rus eller fyll.

Dersom det er noe du lurer på, som du ikke finner svar på i vår faq så gjerne kontakt oss.

Sørlandet BDSM


Vil du være sponsor?

Les mer her

Vil du være sponsor?

Les mer her


Her en liten oversikt over hoteller i Kristiansand

Thon Partner Hotel NorgeDronningens gate 5
Clarion Hotel ErnstRådhusgata 2
Citybox Lite KristiansandTordenskjolds gate 12
Scandic Kristiansand BystrandaØstre Strandgate 74

Workshop - og foredagsholdere

Her vil det bli lagt til kursholdere, og informasjon, ettersom de blir klart. Se eget sendeskjema for de forskjellige workshop’ene og foredragene. (Trykk på navnene for mer info om foredragsholderne og foredragene

The Kink ShrinkThe Kink Shrink
The Kink Shrink
The Kink ShrinkWorkshop/foredrag
- Boundaries in kink and authority transference
- Are we born or made this way
- Mental health and trauma informed kink
- Submissive ways/rights
Tantric Massage
Michael WuestMichael Wuest
Michael Wuest
Michael WuestWorkshop/Foredrag
- 'Bondage for Painsluts' & 'Genital Torture – Pain and Pleasure in Delicate Places'
- Needle play
- ...and more to come
Foredrag og stand rundt prosjektet #Forknytt, en vakker og erotisk fotobok med shibari-bilder tatt på lokasjoner med en eller annen form for historisk tilknytning
Info KommerInfo Kommer
Info Kommer
Info KommerWorkshop/foredag
Info KommerInfo Kommer
Info Kommer
Info KommerWorkshop/foredag
Info KommerInfo Kommer
Info Kommer
Info KommerWorkshop/foredag

Teateret, Kristiansand

Det er SMil Norge som arrangerer Kinkferansen, og spørsmål rundt dette kan rettes til SMil Norge